Getting it wrong – consistently!

For most of my recovery journey I have tried to ‘do the right thing’ When I started posting to my blog I tried to do the righ thing’ When I commenced podcasting a couple of years ago I tried to ‘do the right thing’ Today I find myself asking the question what is the right thing?

In recovery they said “go to meetings and don’t pick up the first drink!” I did that. When I started blogging 16 years ago they said “post regularly, post topics that people want to talk about and post something that is unique.”When I started podcasting they said “cast consistently and engage your audience.”

Here I am 16 years later and I haven’t got a clue what the right thing is.

In asking the question and discussing it with my Higher Power, who is the Holy Spirit He asked me. “Back to basics. When you first came recovery and started discovering how it worked for you – what did you do?” So easy! I talked to God about it, listened to what He said and put it into practice.

With that in mind, and after talking to God about it and listening to what He said about it here’s how I want to progress in this text and audio recovery mission task:

  1. On this blog, once a week I will share a mid-week recovery message.
  2. Via my podcast I will share a weekend message of my life Living Life in Recovery.

You see what worked for me in recovery, in the early days was attendance at two Bible based services a week. One mid-week and one-weekend and putting into practice what I learned from them So that is where I am going from here.

Unless you are looking for stuff I have shared previously I would suggest you only visit this blog once a week (Wednesday), and unless you are looking to listen to stuff I have posted previously on podcast I suggest you only visit my podcast once a week also (Sunday)

I look forward to sharing with you then. What about videos some of you may say. Not sure how I will progress on that front. At the moment I am going to say monthly,

Not even sure why I am sharing this? But there you go….