#306 Living Life Recovery Reflection

Getting To Know You

Bible Reading: Proverbs 1:10-15
Focus Verse: Proverbs 1:10

Someone once said to me “If you want to get your life straight you need to get to know yourself.” I believe that is true, but I also believe you need to get to know God.

There is a song I learned in The Salvation Army early in recovery that shaped how I proceeded in recovery. The words say ‘To be like Jesus, this hope possesses me. In every thought and deed, this is my aim my creed. ’

To be like Jesus we need to understand His character. To understand His character, we need to read His Word but we also need to be in close, personal relationship with Him.

– What do you know about Jesus?

– How have you encountered His intervention in your life?

Prayer: God help me today to thirst to know more about Jesus and to seek a personal relationship with Him