A good reputation comes from obeying God’s Word.

Have you ever met someone who comes into your recovery group, sharing time comes and all they can talk about is how much they are doing to help others, with no mention of their own recovery? I have, most of them all a good game.

They do their homework and I believe they believe they are doing what God wants. But are they? You have all heard the story I am sure ‘You can feed a man fish and feed him today, or you can teach a man to fish and feed him for a life-time.’

No-one ends up in recovery meetings for other people. God introduces people to recovery!

It is through prayer, meditation and the study of His word we learn what we need to learn to live our lives in relationship with Him. And yes! He gives us opportunities to be His representative in the lives of others.

Our reputation needs to be built on our own experience, strength and hope of walking daily with Him. Not on the things we do in obedience to Him.

We are not in recovery to glorify SELF – we are in recovery to GLORIFY GOD.

A good reputation comes from obeying God’s Word.