2022 |Fathers Day

Fathers Day
This verse from Hebrews 12 says a lot to me. My Mum and Dad seperated when I was young. My stepfather in my early life in Scotland was good to me. We did lot’s of Father Son activities together camping, fishing etc. This picture brings back memories of walking in the country with our dog ‘Smokey’ But it changed! When we moved to Australia in 1974 he began drinking more and he became violent towards my Mum, my siblings and myself. I have many, many bad memories associated with his drinking and violence that caused me to despise the man and want nothing to do with him.
I had no relationship with my Dad because after he and Mum separated I had no contact with him till he came to Australia from the UK dying of cancer. I never knew him and to be honest I never wanted to know him. A fact I now regret. Because I loved my Dad.
Resentment toward both were big hurdles for me to overcome in recovery. I do, however believe the death of my Dad in 1987 played a big part in my decision to pursue recovery and change my life. Forgiveness of both was very much linked to the first part of this verse

“Our earthly fathers disciplined us for a few years, doing the best they knew how.” I believe they both loved me and did the best they could with what they had.
I also can relate to the second half of this verse in that as a young boy I was sent by my parents to Sunday School at The Salvation Army and to The Boys Brigade in Paisley, where I learned about and believed in Jesus Christ and God’s rightful place in all of our lives. It was that foundation that helped me spiritually on the Bridge Programme in 1989 accept Jesus Christ as my One True Higher Power and put my faith and trust in Him.
Today, I am one of the luckiest men on the planet. I have three wonderful children and a beautiful wife, to whom I have been married 32 years in October. All thanks to the Saving Grace of my Heavenly Father and His love for me. Today I want to wish all the Fathers a very Happy Fathers Day and to say to both my Dad and my Step Dad, both now deceased, thank you for all you did for me growing up. It helped me become the man I am today.