Daily Reflection July 31,2022

Not all in recovery
Matthew 6:14 “Forgive people when they sin against you. If you do, your Father who is in heaven will also forgive you.

One of the problems with the process of recovery is – not everyone is in recovery, even though we all need it. We need to remember this fact when it comes to repairing relationships..The purpose of recovery is to help us live better lives through personal change with God’s help. It is not to make others love us or accept us more and it is definitely not for others to change because we have.

The fact is as we grow spiritually and change our habits and attitudes we may still come across people who will treat us badly. In those instances, we need to stop, say a prayer and leave them in God’s hands.

  • Are you ready to let God deal with the people you can’t deal with?

Prayer: God help me today to accept that recovery is about
You helping me to change myself not others.