Let God Shine

I am still blown away when God uses me to affect someone’s life. There are times when I open my life to others and times I don’t. I don’t choose those times. The Holy Spirit does. I never intentionally enter conversation with anyone expecting to share my story.

And as I sit here this morning at home, by myself the Holy Spirit and I talked about it.

Prompted by a discussion I had with a young person last night on outreach. Who said to me “thanks for sharing your story with me, it really inspired me”. My response was “I don’t share it with everyone” made me think about the way I share my faith with others and the things I share.

On the 31st of this May I turned be 59. In those years I have experienced much good bad and indifferent. It would take the same amount of time to share it all with someone else. But if I allow the Holy Spirit to rule in my life He will prompt me in every situation to share the bits I need to to influence others.

He can do the same for you. All of us have relationships in life where we can make a difference. The way to make it a positive difference is by allowing the Holy Spirit to prompt you what parts of your own life experience you should share in each circumstance.

God doesn’t want us all to be preachers but He does want us all to tell others what He is doing in us.