4o Days of Recovery – Day 11



Practice Servant Living Matthew 5:41

The Twelve Steps should lead us to be servants, willing to carry the load of others and be a witness of the Saving Grace of Jesus Christ to others. A true witness of spiritual growth through the recovery process is how willing we are to help and to serve others. Jesus did not come as a conquering king. He came to save sinners Matthew 1:21.  We live in a world full of contradiction.  to the spiritual principles of recovery. but we are called to stand up, be counted, to love God and love others and encourage them to follow Jesus on the ‘Road to Recovery’

Every day I wake up I am thankful! Thankful that when given the opportunity by Jesus to change my life I took it. Recovery is a choice! And no one else can make the choice for us. We have to do it alone, we have to learn these Spiritual Principles of Recovery and we have to put them into practice on a daily basis in the strength of His help.