Playing The Fool

Saul confessed, “I’ve acted the fool—a moral dunce, a real clown.”  1 Samuel 26:21

Playing the fool is a reluctance to be changed by God, a failure to live the life He sets before us. We play at becoming different, going through the motions according to the measure of the world. Unready to go all the way because we feel if we do we will miss out on something or be seen for who we really are. How silly is it to stand on the threshold of a miracle and withdraw?

Unfortunately, many of us only want to go so far when it comes to recovery/ Some of us honestly believe the old way of living is better than the new way offered because it’s what we understand. Some of us even intentionally put off getting serio=us about recovery till a later date. Believe we have plenty of time to get it right. Saul showed early promise, a distinguished individual, but he sold out to sin.

Nearly everyone suffering the negative effects of addiction and compulsion engages in deceitfulness. It is a practice we needed to live the way we lived. Maybe it was because of the breakdown in our relationships and failure to be rigorously honest. Maybe because we made so many promises we knew we couldn’t keep. Maybe because we knowingly disobeyed God, our parents, and people who knew better than us. Many of our disasters can be traced to willful disobedience

Saul disobeyed God..Directed to unsparingly destroy the enemy, he played the fool and was found out. The man of valout=r and godliness deteriorated into a wimp. Once a hero, admired and revered became puffed up with his own importance. He rejected the will and guidance of God. Pride, presum[tion pretense, and pettiness become the rulers of his life.

Sound familiar? If we ask what led to m to decline the answer will almost always be self-will. Take your own inventory, read Saul’s story and compare and accept what led you down that path of destruction, and do something about it. Commit your life to God’s care and control and follow where He leads you.


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  1. Awareness of this allows us to change 💜❤️💜


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