Let God Arise

“The Lord is risen indeed!” Luke 24:34

It is significant that these few words became the salutation with which the followers of Jesus greeted each other after the Resurrection. Jesus reappearing after enduring the horrors of death spelt liberation for the disciples. This super natural event instead of being a shroud to mock or mystify them motivated them. The sadness and loneliness which hung over them was swallowed up in the glory of transformation. They became suddenly charged with a new outlook. A future was assured. Defeat had been exchanged for victory, “Hallelujah” became the heart accompaniment to their confesses greeting, “The Lord is risen.”

Loneliness began in the garden of Eden, through a wrong choice that preferred things rather than God. Instead of the heart of paradise, fringe-dwelling ensued, in a state of separation. We have all suffered it. Isolation from God is the most grievous loneliness we can experience. The blackest night to exist afar from God. Jesus was lonely for us. All alone he endured the cross, the torment, shame and suffering. The decision to accept His invitation and become His followers may destine us to a form of loneliness. we may need to be a lone voice in confession of Him, or express protest against anti-Christian behavior. We will, at times have to stand alone to honor Him, and be counted His.

Resurrection power will revive us when we are downcast. A living Christ within us can dispel gloom and doom, and dispense gladness. Are we willing to allow Him to arise into new areas of command in our lives?