2022 | Day Eight | Morning Harmony

Hurry with your answer, God! I’m nearly at the end of my rope. Don’t turn away; don’t ignore me! That would be certain death. God, my God; I want to look life in the eye. Surprise me with love at daybreak; then I’ll skip and dance all day long.  You forgive our sins—every one. You heal our diseases—every one. You redeem us from hell—save our lives! You crown you us with love and mercy. You wrap us in goodness. You renew our lives —our lives are always good in his presence.

Waiting on God’s timing isn’t always easy! Feelings of loneliness and abandonment can creep into our lives. The Bible tells us the Devil is waiting to pounce in times of doubt and uncertainty. We can allow our feelings to run riot and make us make bad decisions. Even at times when our intentions are good we can still get it wrong, misreading God’s will and moving ahead without Him.

God is still on the throne! There are wilderness times in my life where I felt it better to do something than to do nothing and get it wrong. Times when after making the wrong decisions, taking the wrong actions God has intervened and surprised me because His ways are better than my ways. Times where He has set me on an unexpected path because He knows what is best for me, Take time today to Wait on God!

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