2022 | Day Two | Verse for Today

The Bible suggests many valuable principles we have lacked in our addictions and compulsions. The Word of God prompts us to take inventory of our character and behavior. Counsel and instruction are two different things. counsel is advice on how we should live, Instruction is how we should apply what we have learned.

I have known a number of people throughout my spiritual walk who know the Bible better than I do. And, who knows the Twelve Steps better than I. Some of them have failed to apply the advice they have been given, become complacent in their own understanding, and fallen in a heap. we have all heard stories of people who have left recovery ‘before the miracle happens.’ My hope for 2022 is that people engaged with Living Life Recovery will stick around long enough and take in enough of what they read and hear here to let God do what He wants to do in their lives.

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