2021 | Day 364 | Discussion Starter

Proverbs 16:18 If you are proud, you will be destroyed. If you are proud, you will fall.

With humility comes wisdom and with wisdom comes honor.

For most of my recovery life, I have chaired and led recovery groups. Much of the time without knowing what I was talking about. Today I am confident in what I say. At some stage of my spiritual walk, the Holy Spirit took over. Many times in the past 30+ years I have got up and talked about my experience, strength, and hope and to this day I cannot tell you what I spoke about.

Attached today is a handout from Living Life Recovery Discussion Starters. Often in my walk, God has sent people of discernment who could see what I could not. People who sometimes we pay no attention to till much later in our walk, if at all.

God often talks to us through other people. don’t let pride stop you from hearing what He is saying

  • Are you listening?

Prayer: God today let me acknowledge Your Grace to me.