Step Twelve – Week One

Recovery is a PROCESS

Recovery is a process of PROGRESS
Recovery is a process of PRINCIPLES
Recovery is a process of PURPOSE

As we finish off 2021 and our look at the Twelve Steps join me on Monday night here for the first of our four-week video series on Step Twelve as we prepare for 2022.

C.S.Lewis said Progress means getting closer to the place you want to be, And if you have taken a wrong turn to go forward doesn’t get you ant=y nearer. The Twelve Steps are a process of life change God introduced me to in 1987. In week one I would like to look at the process of going through the steps and progressing as we grow spiritually with His help in His strength. WEEK ONE VIDEO will be posted here on Monday 6th December at 7:30 pm JOIN ME THEN.

Sorry! Video’s won’t be ready at this stage but there will be a podcast and handout available here tomorrow night,