What are you aiming at?

I took care of you during the wilderness hard times, those years when you had nothing. Hosea 13:5

God knows us as nobody else does. Deep in our addictions and compulsions whether we knew it or not He took care of us. Surrendering to Jesus Christ is too much for many of us in the recovery process. But if we do it will give our lives purpose and direction. He wants to be our One True Higher Power. Firstly we need to accept Him as our saviour and Lord. Then we need to commit to living the life He is calling us to live..The objectives and instruction outlined in the Bible becoming our source of everyday living. Giving us a targeted aim for our life. A clear definition of where we are headed. an escape from the loosened, dead-end living we have experienced in the past.

Prayer: Thank you Lord, for the blessings you bestow on me every day and for giving me a target to aim at in my life.