People Reliance vs God Reliance

This weeks topic is self reliance. Today I want to train our thoughts to the mistake of relying on people instead of relying on God.

Most of my using days all I wanted to do I was impress other people. My parents, friends, bosses I worked for, the girls I went out with, my friends. It was hard work creating an image to present for each of them. And, remembering which mask to wear in each situation. In the process of identity creation I lost ‘the real me’

It wasn’t till I arrived in recovery in 1989 I began to take time, though learning and applying the Twelve Steps to discover who I really was. I also began then to investigate the question of who God said I was and was prompting me today.

Step Ten in this process became my life line. Taking time, daily to do an inventory on my day, My attitudes, behaviours and character, and asking God to help me improve the things I needed to improve and change my character to become all that He is calling me to be. I am still on that process as I walk daily with Him, so Step Ten and daily check up on myself still a lifeline in my relationship with Him.

For a long time I relied on the approval of others. Today I only need the approval of One, my Lord, my Saviour and my One True Higher Power Jesus Christ.