Have you done your part?


Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet for a couple of days. A good friend of mine was in hospital recently having a pacemaker fitted. He is responsible for running a recovery group at his church and asked me would I take the reigns for a couple of weeks whilst he recovers. So I have been a bit preoccupied working with God to deliver what He wants me to deliver in the groups.

Welcome to the last night of Step Six for 2021. How are you feeling? It’s been a strange year again this year as we continue down the Covid 19 path. A year of learning to live differently. Last Monday night in recovery I spoke about understanding God’s will for our lives. His purpose for us. As a follow-up to that meeting, I again began reading Pastor Rick Warrens’s book ‘The Purpose Driven Life. focusing on ‘Day 30 and Day 31’ and discovering our S.H.A.P.E. In the book, Rick says our Spiritual Gifts are expressions of God’s grace in our lives. This week God has taken me on a special journey exploring expressions of His grace in my spiritual walk. Expressions that began before I even realized they have begun and continue to blow me away as I understand more about the ME he created me to be and about Him and His great love for me. Things that I hope to share in the future, once I get my head and my heart around them

In his devotional book, ‘Serenity Mike Shea says “You’re a crusader for God’s greater purpose. Check yourself to see if you’re as serious about recovery as you were about your addiction” In John 15:12  Jesus says My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. I wonder tonight as we have become willing to let God remove our defects of character are we ready to take the rest of the steps to become all God has prepared for us? Last night I listened to a message by Pastor Peter Botros. Peter used to be the pastor at the church I attend. He is now conducting his disciples of Jesus ministry GenJ. Currently, he is presenting a series on Holiness and in the message I watched on Youtube last night he said. Holiness is not automatic when you become a Christian. It relies on you doing your part, Neither is recovery!

In 1987 I entered recovery for the first time and learned the Twelve Steps so well I was made responsible for a Twelve Step teaching group. I also founded and commenced and chaired a couple of A.A. groups and was well respected in A.A. circles, but I failed to do my part. As a result of not doing my part I relapsed after 18 months and had to restart the process.

As we finish step 6 and go on to step 7 I ask you to consider the expressions of God’s grace in your spiritual walk so far and ask yo to consider the question for yourself. IHAVE YOU DONE YOUR PART? thus far….

Join me tomorrow as we begin step seven together!