Love confirms Salvation

Romans 4:7 Fortunate are those whose crimes are carted off, whose sins are wiped clean from the slate.

Salvation means your sins have been forgiven, the slate has been wiped clean. Forgiven by the Grace of God, not because you deserve it but because He loves you and believes if you are willing to allow Him you can change your attitudes, behaviours and convictions and become a better version of you. That through learning and applying His will to you life you can be blessed.

Salvation means your sins are completely forgiven. Psalms 103:12 As far as sunrise is from sunset, he has separated us from our sins.

Salvation means the stain of guilt is gone. Psalms 51:9 Don’t look too close for blemishes, give me a clean bill of health.

Salvation means you have received God’s mercy. 1 Peter 2:10 From nothing to something, from rejected to accepted.

1 John 4:18 Perfect love drives fear away. Fear has to do with being punished. The one who fears does not have perfect love.

God’s perfect love in our lives confirms our salvation.

One of my biggest fears during my addictive years was fear of abandonment. Since high school I have always been involved in a romantic relationship. Some of them unhealthy. Most of them for the wrong reasons.

I did not cope with being alone! Since I have been in recovery I have had one romantic relationship, with my wife.

The difference between my relationship with my wife and the others in my life is acknowledging God’s love and following His guidance in our lives.

Think about this: “Emotions come and go and can’t be controlled so there’s no reason to worry about them. That in the end, people should be judged by their actions since in the end it was actions that defined everyone.” –

When I think back on my past relationships and their eventual ending I realise there end was less about how I felt and more about my actions. Without accountability for our action we get hurt, others get hurt and God is not included in our relationship.