In 1 Samuel 26:21, Saul confessed, “I have done wrong………….. I have been a fool, and very, very wrong.”

When most of us enter recovery it is because circumstances in our lives have led us to look at, admit and accept the foolishness of the lives we have been living. None of us came to recovery because we got up one day and thought to ourselves ‘look at the weather outside. I think I will choose today to get into recovery and spend the rest of my life there.” For most of us the decision to enter recovery was not one we consciously made. For me I ran out of places to run. Because I had burned every relationship I was ever involved in. Expanded all my options of people to lean on, and, taken advantage of most of the people I cared about.

In my morning devotional time this morning I read the verse that says “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” A verse that was very important to me in my early recovery. But, as I read it today I found myself asking myself “Am I relying on His power as i did in those early days?” Days when I experienced God doing the impossible in and through my life on an almost daily basis. Days when I couldn’t rely on myself because I knew most of the mess I was in was self inflicted.

Saul admitted to God and to himself he had been a fool. Done wrong, very, very wrong and been a fool.

My question to myself today is this. “Am I relying on God? drawing on His power to live the life that He has brought me into?” The life where I made a conscious commitment to follow where He leads me. The life where He opens doors and I walk through them in faith. Or am I allowing fear to stop me being all He has called me to be because my faith in Him is dwindling?

Prayer: Lord help me today to read and study Your Word. To put it into practice in my life so I can again daily experience Your works in and through my life. Holy Spirit sharpen my understanding of Your Word and my response to it today.