By Brigadier Denis Gudgeon


“Decide today whom you will serve, ………… As for my family and me, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24:15

There is a fairly common resentment against the established management or lawful supervision today. Contrarily, those who fight against law and order often opposing those given top-grade managerial positions or responsible leadership are keen to assert themselves. They relish attaining this top-dog position and can delight in the bully tactics that are associated with a dictatorship image. Some of them become standover men. All in positions of authority and leadership are a target for criticism. There has been a marked increase in this attitude this century. Being volatile is abuse and outspoken derogatory remarks can boost the ego temporarily, but seldom sweetens the soul. We risk much if we choose to be mates with the fault finders. The person constantly ‘running down’ other people is sure to include you in their target audience before long.


We can be ruled from within quite dogmatically by our own nature. Whilst detesting the seeming bossiness of individuals who employ us or run the affairs of society and or nation. we can fail to see how ruthlessly once demon within our makeup can virtually control our lives. What is it that provokes turmoil and incites radical behaviorDo you experience the agony of inward emotions taking control as if by the scruff-of-the-neck throwing you into a tantrum? Have you waylaid from the best of intentions simply by falling prey and succumbing to the pressures if self-will? Let the real boss please stand up! ‘The boss” is more likely to be housed within your own flesh than on the other side of the table or office desk.


God, save me from the sin of criticism, gossip, resentment, and pretense. Help me respect those in authority and give support to any who are my leaders.