Wholesale Letdown

He acted with a strong hand and powerful arm. His faithful love endures forever. Psalms 136:12

Thought For Today

The saints of old admitted their rottenness and ungodliness. John Newton penned “Amazing grace. That saved a wretch like me.” Isaac Watts humble wrote, “Did my Saviour bleed for a worm as I.” Willian Cowper spoke of being “bleeding, wounded, wandering in the darkness ………. vile.” Eliza Hamilton confessed ‘Helpless I am and full of guilt. My best resolves I break.’ There are countless more, in grief and despair turned to Jesus Christ. He knows our sinfulness, our human fragility, our worse resolved doubts. We must give Him a ‘fair go’ to save us from what we are and what we have become.

Meditation For Today

There are times in our ‘spiritual walk’ we will get lost in our memories of who we were and who became. Struggle with conflicting emotions. We need to put our ‘hope in God’ Praising Him, even when we do not feel like it. In dark times we need to ‘focus on His steadfast love’ We need to pray for His will to become our ‘new reality’ and continually move forward in His strength.

Prayer For Today

Lord, today help me to seek Your will and Your strength implement it as I move forward in my spiritual growth