Victim Superiority

I am unworthy of all the kindness and faithfulness you have shown your servant.

Bashing by bullies causes quick reactions. But few people rush to the aid of the victims. The big guy ridicules the little guy too often. Dodge as we may, sooner or later we have all been victims of those bigger than us. We don’t all get beaten up but few of us escape in life without any conflict of one kind or another. It is not as much physical as it is moral, ethical, and spiritual encounters we experience.

The affluent seem to have an edge of superiority over the poor. But those of noble lines can also experience long-lasting terrifying defeats. The forces of evil can strike the well-preserved, the seemingly immune, and the richly guarded.

The higher the altitude from which a man falls the more destructive can be the results. God can show us the way out of ‘victim superiority’ His magnetism of divine love our saving arms of divine power. None of us at ‘rock bottom’ need to stay down. There is a way from victimization to victory. God waits in willingness to help us move forward on the ‘road to recovery.’