That’s going to leave a mark

Let’s go back to God. He wounded us, but he will put bandages on us.

In our lifetimes we have been bruised. Things have hurt us when we seemed like we were going in the right direction. The hurt worse when we have suffered alone; nobody really cares. Readers of this may be able to relate., know something of the hurt and bruising I am talking about. Bruising of our inner spirit that is never easily sent away. Never quickly remedied in our own strength.

Luckily for us we have access to a Higher Power who is on-call when we go to Him. Standing in the shadows He can be found. He is the ‘One’ who always understands, always cares. “I was bruised by my Higher Power found me.” His name is Jesus Christ and He is always willing to attend to my my hurt and distressing conditions.

In His strength, by His power He has left His mark on me and I hope and pray every day it will never disappear.