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Galatians 5:16 So I say, live by the Holy Spirit’s power. Then you will not do what your sinful nature wants you to do.

There is a song from The Salvation Army Song Book that says:

I must have the Saviour with me,
For my faith at best is weak;
He can whisper words of comfort
That no other voice can speak.

In order to change my life, I needed to learn to listen to God.

In the process of recovery, there are many voices we listen to. People say to me a lot God obviously speaks directly to you. I believe God speaks loudly to us all. Learning to listen to God in my opinion has nothing to do with how loud He speaks and everything to do with how hard we listen. Obedience to God’s will for our lives requires learning to listen to Him. It’s about learning all we can about him and putting into practice what we learn.

Are you listening to God when He speaks to you?