Overwhelming Guilt

Psalms 38:18 I admit that I have done wrong. I am troubled by my sin.

Overwhelmed by guilt I came to recovery. Not because I wanted to but because I had nowhere else to go. Trouble by the mess I had made of my life I wanted to do better. I didn’t want to keep living the lies and the crisis I existed in daily.

The only way out for me was God. Admitting what I had done wrong to Him was one of the greatest reliefs I have ever experienced in my life. To tell him about things I had never told anyone about, and seek His help in changing them was a saving grace in my recovery journey. I held nothing back because I was aware if I failed again I was finished.

Dramatic but true I was troubled by my sin. The solution to the my guilt was confession and repentance.

  • How are you dealing with the guilt?

Prayer: God help me to deal with the guilt. Help me to be honest with You about it and do whatever You prompt me to do to fix it.