#2 4o Days of Recovery


Not long now till ‘4o Days of Recovery’ begins. Above is the titles of the first weeks ‘Daily Devotionals’ all audio devotionals will be posted here (with handouts)

Scripture for each ‘Daily Devotional’ will be:

Day 1: 2 Peter 2:9-22
Day 2: 2 Peter 2:9
Day 3: John 4:39
Day 4: Luke 6:49
Day 5: 2 Peter 2:21-22

All scripture used for ‘The 4o Days of Recovery’ is taken from ‘The Message’ and thoughts shared are shared through my own expereince strength and hope of Living Life Recovery, One Day at a Time for the last 30+ years.

Remember: These messages will only be available at https://archieboyle.wordpress.com and discussion on daily topics will be via the Living Life Recovery Discussion Forum