It happened again!

What am I talking about you may ask?

This blog gets it’s fair share of comments. Some get posted some don’t. One of the reasons some don’t is because to post them would put pressure on me to do something about them.

One is this “I enjoyed reading this (the page About Archie) but in your future posts can you please expand on it?”

The reason this is a difficult comment to respond to is because it involves me putting my life out there, warts and all, on display for the world to see. The scary part for me is ‘that’s what God expects’. He never rescued me from addiction and guided me through recovery for me to keep it to myself. So over the next weeks, months? However long it takes I will expand on my story.

I want to begin to day by saying the one unique gift we all have to share in our lives and in our recovery is our personal experience of God. I hear regularly pastors say “the answers are all in the Bible” but I don’t believe that. The answers are all in personal relationship with Jesus Christ. does that mean we don’t need to read and study the Bible? Definitely not! Why? Because the Bible has within in it the rules for living right, and we all need to live right. The Bible has within it examples of others personal relationship with God, from which we need to learn. Lastly, the Bible has within it evidence of our Risen Lord, who is our perfect example of how to live and how to relate to God and to others.

I also want to share with you my prayer as I commit to making this blog personal. It is found in Psalm 119:66 Give me (Archie) the knowledge to make wise decisions.  I trust your commands.

My trust is in Jesus my hope is in His interaction in my daily life through the power of the Holy Spirit living in and through me.

To all who have asked me to expand on my story ‘THANK YOU!’ God had used you to show me what to say next.